Tong Camp, Mathaburu, Bagmundi, Purulia

Tong Camp , It’s truly a bliss for adventure lover, nature lover, Bikers and backpackers. Ideal for School / College excursion also.
Amidst of Matha Forest, on the foot hill of Kukuburu pahar ( hills). It’s an eco adventure camp…
Tong Camp is acting as a peaceful eco-friendly adventure solution which is of tremendous crisis in recent tourism sector and is now become a must go weekend location from all over Bengal.
Contact Details:    Backpacking Monks, 90511 60870
Adventure Facilities: Lot of adventure activities available here… Like Burma bridge, zip line, net climbing, rock climbing, bouldering, cycle etc. This is the most perfect solution for any School and College excursion.


There are total 3 Tree House and 20 Hexagon Tent. Total 60+ Accommodation are there in entire Camp Site. All the accommodation comes with Attached Bathrooms.

Tree House: 3000 per tree House. Max 2 + 1 Head. It comes with Attached bathroom

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Luxury Hexagon Tent: 1800 per tree House. Max 2 + 1 Head. It comes with Attached bathroom

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Food Charge:

600 / Per Head which includes Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner. All the Food items are non-Veg. For vegetarian that has to be informed earlier during booking and once before your journey Date.

Chicken Barbeque Cost: 600 / Kg Processed

Customized Food items are subject to situation and mainly for Excursion and adventure camping.



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