Mangalgunj Haunted Camp – Backpackers’ Villa

                                           Our Recent project Named “Bhalo Bhuter Desh”… Mangalgunj  

Located 100 kms from Kolkata it is a small village nestled among green and serenity. The chirping birds, the gentle breeze of the forest and the soothing sound of the Ichamoti will make you feel connected to nature. Also it is famous for the old, now derelict Rajbari known as ‘Kata Saheber Kuthi’. Originally built by Maharaja Mangalchandra the ‘kuthi’ have many chapters in it’s history.

During the british rule it was a ‘Nilkuthi’ and so it is the mute spectator of the brutal tortures of the british to force the locals to farm only ‘nil’ or the blue dye. Then came the Swadeshi movement. The life and death of many freedom fighters were also written on the walls of this place. But this place have more to offer.

Special Booking Offer is going for last 4 days till 31st Dec’ 21 for the month of Feb, March’ 22.

10% Flat discount

Mangalgunj Has one more new camp: Check this Out.

We are relaunching on 15th August' 21

Accommodation and Rate / Cost / Tariff of Mangalgunj Backpackers Villa: (Images of accommodation will come soon)

At the Moment we have developed two types of accommodation like Tent and Small bamboo Cottages. .

Tent Accommodation (Common Bathroom) (They are now settling Tents for maximum up to 8*2= 16 People)

(Regular Tariff: 1300 INR per head per Day Including Fooding + Lodging + Complimentary Campfire + Available Mineral water), People lives in tent will definitely get better experience of Nature.

Cottage Accommodation (Attached Bathroom) (They are now settling Cottages for maximum up to 3*3=9 People)

(Regular Tariff: 1400 INR per head per Day Including Fooding + Lodging + Complimentary Campfire + Available Mineral water), People lives in cottage will definitely get better stay experience.


Our Motive:

Being an integral part of responsible tourism, we always focuses on lending a helping hand in developing the places from all the true senses. We are trying to employing the local tribal people to manage those camps and for all the areas where manpower is needed. It will help in betterment of the livelihood of those people as well as empower them to be more confident.

Contact Number for Booking the Tents:

An adventure Solution from Backpacking Monks – 90511 60870 (To know more details call them)

Happy Winter Discount

Documentary over Mangalgunj Haunted Camp

Why It’s being a Must to to Visit Location:

Wake up with the chirping birds and enjoy a relaxed day with good food and fresh air in the cozy comfort of our haunted Camp. Take a walk or a boat ride in the Ichamoti river. Opposite side of the stay is Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary, which is popularlyknown as Parmadan Forest. This Forest is rich in bio-diversity.

Experience the magical beauty of millions of fireflies glittering like star dust all around during the migration season. Mangalgunj is known as the biggest Fireflies migratory zone within Bengal.

Visit the main attraction, the haunted “Kata Saheber Kuthi” at night to experience some bone chilling thrill.

Why Our Camp is going to be something Special:

The Best Part of our Camp is it’s Camfire where you will get a wonderful chance to interact with local people, listen to their stories while making some new friends with other guest. Also the magical beauty of Parmadan Forest, Ichamoti River in the middle of the Jungle in Moonlit night will surely take your breath away. The must try thing is “Bamboo Chicken”.

Video about Mangalgunj Backpackers / Haunted Villa

Camp Timing

               Check-In Time : 11 AM

               Check Out Time 11 AM


Lunch at 1.30 PM (Rice, Dal, Bhaja, Vegetables, Fish)

Snacks 6 PM (Pakora, Jhal Muri, Tea)

Dinner 9.30 PM: (Rice/Roti, Vegetable Curry, Chicken Curry)

Breakfast 9 AM: (Puri, Sabji, Tea)

How to Reach at our Camp:

Route 1: 

Sealdah Railway Station to Bongaon Railway Station (80 Km)- By Train 25/- Per head

Bongaon Railway Station to Bongaon Town Hall Auto Stand (3 Km) – By toto 12/- Per head

Bongaon Town Hall Auto Stand to Nataberia (21 Km) – By Auto 20/- Per head

Nataberia to Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa (3 Km) – By toto 15/- Per head

Route 2:

Sealdah Railway Station to Chakdah Railway Station (65 Km) – By Train 15/- Per head

Chakdah Railway Station to Nataberia (28 Km) – By Bus 30/- Per head

Nataberia to Mangalgunj Backpackers’ Villa (3 Km) – By toto 15/- Per head

NB: You need to contact Camp-in-charge Pick-up and Drop facility from Chakdah or Bongaon Station

Nearby Location:

  • Parmadan Forest
  • Petrapole Border
  • Mangalgunj Indigo Kuthi



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