Internet Marketing Consulting

“Arguably the person with the most flexibility in ‘search’ thinking and can understand user behaviour and can research Industry requirements very well would have the greatest influence on your websites Google rankings and overall marketing”

Shankhadip Dutta (Forensic SEO Auditor & Consultant)


Are you thinking about hiring a SEO Consultant and wondering why you might need one? Or wondering what a Google Consultant does? We will answer these questions and more about online marketing consulting. I am extremely experienced and knowledgeable and more resources at his disposal and not so behind the top rated Consultant who are already famous globally.

Need Consulting To Help With Your Website?

I offer extremely competitive, highly experienced, professional website consulting services, for UK businesses, wanting to rank highly in a Google search.

I offer tailored packages and hourly rates.


Firstly, as an SEO Consultant I get to know and understand your company’s online presence. This can include your core websites, additional websites you may have acquired or created, back link profiles and Facebook pages; in fact any part of your overall presence on the internet. My job is to report on his fact finding and analysis.

As the Business owner, you know more about your services / products than anyone else. For this reason, I take the time to really understand your business, your online market and future aspirations. It is only when I have all of this information and a detailed understanding of your company that an SEO Consultant can begin to add real value and support your goals. See Google guide to choosing an SEO consultant.



Identifies Problems & Opportunities after doing proper SEO and website Audit of your website and online marketing.Those may be certain problems you can point out, however a good Consultant will have a process to identify on and off page problems and opportunities, which a client has not identified.

A new SEM brings fresh eyes, fresh experience and an open mind to your online enterprises, often providing a completely different perspective than that of someone who has been running the core website for some time.