Amadpur Jomidar Bari, Heritage Homestay Near Memari

Amadpur Jomidar Bari, Heritage Homestay of Burdwan

The Village of Amadpur of Burdwan, is really not very different from any other in rural Bengal. The full Jamindari Estate is having Ponds both large and small, palms – both coconut and date, mango groves ,paddy fields. Typical countryside of Bengal situated about 100 kms from Kolkata, it is now a convenient and smooth drive of about 2.30 to 3.00 hours from the metropolis, courtesy the Durgapur Expressway. There are off course local trains at regular and frequent intervals. One hops on at Howrah and hops off at Memari which is on the main line. Thereafter a 4 kms rickshaw or toto ride and into Amadpur.

This Jamidar Mansion is first of kind of Heritage Homestay which still carrying the old flavour of old charm and glory. You can still smell the past existence. This is the first Heritage Homestay accredited by Incredible India in Entire Eastern  India. 

Story Of the Choudhuri’s:

The Chaudhuris or Sen Sharmas originally belonged to Trihotto or Tehatta Village of Royal Bengal. Sections of the family migrated to the Kingdom of Gour.

The Phylogenetic can be traced as far back as Shri Sribatsa Sen Sharma ( Late 11th Century or early 12th century) of ‘Shaktrigotro’, grandfather of Shri Dhoyi or Duhi Sen Sharma (His father was PundarikSen), one of the court poets of Raja Laxman Sen of the Gour Dynasty. Dhoyi was born in the Shaktrigotra Sen Vaidya-Brahmin clan. His colleague and court poet was Kavi Jaidev Misra of ‘GeetGovinda Fame’. DhoyiSen himself was famous for his poem “PawanDoota” or wind Messenger for which composition he was honoured with the Title ”Kavikshmapati” ,”Chakravarti” and “PanditRatna” by the Raja Dohi Sen Sharma had three sons, Kashi, Kushali and Ugro Sen Sharma.

References to the Chaudhuri family can be found in the gazeteer ‘KulChandrika” of the year 1299 and also in “Prajapati” another Magazine in the 1329.The ancestors of the Chaudhuri clan were settled in Malda / Murshidabad district of Bengal from where Shri Krishna Ram Sen Sharma, who was conferred the title of “Chaudhuri” came to Amadpur after getting the Zamindari of Amadpur along with areas in Burdwan and other areas of Hooghly dist from the Mughal Emperor vide his governor of the Bengal Subah.The period corresponds to the English calendar of the middle of the 1600’s.

From this it can be assumed that the village was already in existence then and it is therefore as venerable in its antiquity – if not more than Kolkata itself. Since Shri Krishna Ram Sen Sharma was a highly respected courtier of the Nawab of Murshidabad, Amadpur, probably basked in the reflected glory of one of its most eminent sons. Another son in all possibility Durga Ram Sen Sharma moved towards Bahaspur in Burdwan and he carried with him the family deity and also enshrined a second Shaligram Shila of Laxmi Janardan which is today present and worshipped at the temple of Radha MadhavJi. Durga Ram Sen Sharmas son Shri Krishna Ram Sen Sharma was held in very high esteem by the Mughal Governor or the Nawab of Murshidabad for his abilities and many sterling qualities. He was granted several Zamindaries in Burdwan and Murshidabad districts. His two sons were given ‘khetabs’ of Chaudhuri and Majumdar respectively.

This Zamindari was recognised by the later British Raj under the permanent settlement Act of 1793. This Zamindari was further consolidated and expanded by Shri Chandra Sekhar Chaudhuri nick named Knuro Ram Chaudhuri to such an extent that it expanded and extended to as far as Srirampur in Hooghly Dist(A reference may be made to Khuro Ram Chaudhurir Dighi in Srirampur even today).

Contact Number to discuss and Booking: 9051160870


Double Bedroom  Non-AC: 3000 INR (Only stay with complimentary Breakfast) 

Double Bedroom with AC: 3500 INR (Only stay with complimentary Breakfast) , This is also peak season rate

Four-Bedded Room Non-AC: 5000 INR (Only stay with complimentary Breakfast) 

Four-Bedded Room with AC: 5500 INR (Only stay with complimentary Breakfast) , This is also peak season rate

1 Full Single Floor AC / Non-AC: 9000 INR for 8/9 Heads (Extra Mattress will be provided with no Extra cost), This is throughout the Year

How to Reach Amadpur

Take any Burdwan bound train and drop at Memari Station. Take a toto to Jamidar Bari.

Places of Interest & Things to do in and around Amadpur:

  • RadhaMadhavJi Temple – Exquisite terracotta work.
  • Anandamoyee Kali Mata Temple
  • Shiv Mandirs – Terracotta Work
  • Dighi – Fishing & swimming(at own risk)
  • Rath
  • Durga Bari – The Main Puja Bari of the Chaudhuris hosting a plethora of Festivals round the year like Durga Puja,KaliPuja, Raas Yatra,Saraswati Puja, Kartik puja, Dolyata, Ratha Yatra etc since centuries.
  • Heritage Walk through the village
  • “Bag Bari” or Mukherjee Bari – exquisite mansion house (crumbling but worth a visit)
  • Sadhu Bari Ashram – has a ethearal beauty and has a 1000 yr old banyan tree.
  • Boro Kali, Mejo Kali, Khyapa Kali Temples- exotic & eerie.
  • Bonogram Ashram – An amazing school & orphanage in the and In the middle of nowhere.
  • Santhal Villages
  • Tribal Dance
  • Archery by tribals.
  • Variety of Mango trees in numerous orchards – Unique opportunity to pluck and eat as many as you can.
  • Delicious Bengali Sweets.
  • Delightful cuisine at the Homestay.
  • Bonfires and story telling (sessions in Winters).
  • Period Furnitures and Beds in an almost 400 yrs old House with the same old ambience.


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