Forensic SEO Audit

Forensic SEO Auditing comes from core of the website. It starts from server detailing check-up to user visibility analysis all over the website. Here we analysis the every pages of the website and make a detailed reports over those. No matter how many pages you have. it may be 100 or 1-2 millions.

Parameter to check your websites beside normal Audit work:

Heat Mapping:

  • To identify areas of interests on your site.
  • Applying the latest heat mapping technology to identify where visitors are clicking on a given page and using that knowledge to improve the site.

User Testing

  • To uncover how your target uses your site.
  • Finding out what users really think of your site to identify what needs to be done to convince your target to convert.

Design Enhancements

  • To improve site persuasiveness and functionality.
  • Critiquing your site against best practices in web design in order to enhance user-friendliness.

Navigation Improvements

  • To improve organization and progress users down the purchase funnel.
  • Applying best practices in website navigation to minimize three aspects of visitor confusion:  Where am I on the site? Where have I been? Where can I go from here?

Power of Persuasion

  • To make your offering sound like the best option in the market.
  • Identifying opportunities to create and enhance compelling, eye-catching calls to action throughout your site, with the goal of an increasing conversion rate.

Conversion Strength

  • To make sure users make it all the way through the purchase funnel.
  • Making it easier for your guest to take action by simplifying the conversion process, speeding the path, and reducing distractions along the way.

Requirement: To work on Forensic SEO Audit we need the user access of Google Analytics and Google webmaster of your website.

Price: It starts from 150 USD and goes higher depends on the website volume and complexity and the time involved to analyze the total website.