Website Audit

The Website Audit provides online web presence assessments. I identify the areas of your website that are lacking and your site’s biggest opportunities for growth. Each audit comes with an in-depth report complete with actionable steps in a language you can understand.

The Website Audit is not a list of what’s wrong with your site or best practices for SEO in general. Don’t settle for the pre-formated audit report, I scrutinize the website by myself and by my long experience. These are generated by me, put all of those unnecessary things within the report which needed to be rectified to have success.

5 Reasons Why The Website Audit Is Unique:

This is not just another web site analysis. Here are 5 things that set The Website Audit apart:

Real People – Real Experts

My report is not done with a software program. I take a team-based approach to researching and documenting your site, from the initial interview to the delivery of the report and follow-up consultation focused on the issues that keep your site from performing optimally in organic search and social media channels.

Search Visibility Focus

I take apart each aspect of your site, inspect them, compare their parts and interrelationships to the whole and prioritize changes that should be made to improve your search visibility. We analyze and address over 30 different areas –  everything from overall site structure to navigation systems to opportunities for mobile search and content direction.

Adaptable Process

I judge the full crawling, indexing and all the other factors during full Audit Process related to Google and User’s adaptability, it’s methodology represents the surest route to organic SEO success.

Blueprint For SEO Campaign

Your Website Audit is a blueprint for executing an entire SEO campaign, either with your own internal SEO team or with our parent agency In promotion. We create efficiency for regular SEO maintenance, not just a one-time fix.

Follow Up Consultation

Your report will be followed by a thorough consultation on prioritized recommendations and to discuss any questions you may have.