Baor Bitan, Baor Lake View Eco Resort, Offbeat Village Stay

Baor Bitan is one of the finest weekend destination from Kolkata located in Panchpota near Bongaon. This Eco Resort is surrounded by natural beauty with lush green environment and huge waterbody which is known as Baor. An amazing atmosphere away from the chaotic city life will definitely mesmerize you while spending couple of nights and that makes it an ideal weekend getaway destination.

Baor Bitan, developed just beside 8 Kilometer long Beri Baor of Panchpota the naturally created horse shoe which does give a wonderful feeling of lake, having the facilities of premium quality lodging, fooding, boating, fishing. The natural view of the Baor welcomes you to come here and spend weekends and the hollidays to enjoy the heart touching scenic beauty of the environment. Apart from this, the resort provides accommodations to celebrate any kind of occasions.

It is very near to the place Gobardanga renowned as a very cultural and historical place, also this is closely located to the Border of Bangladesh, Bongaon the hometown of Bivutibhusan and Parmadon forest. You can check our Mangalgunj twilight camp which is just 30 kms from this location.

Experience the lush green lawn with a collection of lovely flowers. Take a fresh deep breathe to feel the tranquility and serenity of nature. The magnificent Sunset at the bank of the Oxbow Lake is the most mesmerizing view.
Create your own castaway paradise, enjoying unrivaled privacy and absolute freedom. A place where you can dream with your eyes open and celebrate life. A place to retreat, explore and connect. Baor Bitan Eco Resort at Panchpota is the newest addition, where one can experience the simplicity of village life.
The resort is preferred for those who are looking to experience Village in a very unique and different manner than the commercial tours and travels package deal. All the rooms sport very elegant décor and are fitted with modern amenities and facilities to keep guests pampered during their stay in Baor Bitan.

Food is another important part of any vacation trip and to address this concern, Baor Bitan has developed distinctive dining option situated on the ground floor with a spacious elegant ambiance serving delicious Asian and Mediterranean dishes. This exotic restaurant is beside the Oxbow lake with a mild breeze blowing from the riverside on the west. One can have the view of the Sunset on the west from here. You can also enjoy delicious choicest dishes in canopy under candlelight.

Baor Bitan Contact Details: 9051160870

Cost & tariff of Baor Bitan

AC Cottage(We do have 4 AC deluxe Cottages and 1 AC Room double or Triple sharing): 2400/Head/Day Including 4 times food and stay

AC Deluxe tents(We do have 2 AC deluxe Tents double or Triple sharing): 2800/Head/Day Including 4 times food and stay

  • Child below 5 years: ₹500
    Child above 5 years: ₹1200
  • Driver Accommodation

    Fooding and Lodging: ₹1200

  • Check in time: 11:00 AM
  • Check out time: 10:00 AM

Regular Food Menu: (Cost may increase beyond this regular menu items)

  • Puri, Sabji/Cholar dal/Alur dom, Boiled egg, Omlet, Banana, Tea/Coffee
  • Alu porota, jira alu, Chatni, Boiled egg/ Omlet, Banana, Tea/Coffee
  • Sandwich/Butter Cheez GarlicBread/Bread jam, Boiled egg/ Omlet, Banana, Tea/Coffee
  • Rice, Veg dal, Vaja, Sabji, Mach** (two types) , Chatni, Papad, Misti
  • Veg/Chicken pokora, Tea/Coffeee
  • Fried rice, Chili Chicken
  • Rice, Sabji, Chicken
  • Rooti, Sabji, Chicken
 **Fish option- Rui, Katla, Vetki, Parshe, Tangra
  2. Free Wifi
  3. On-Site Parking
  4. 24hrs Power Backup
  5. Lake view Dining
  6. Geyser
  7. Banquet Facilities
  8. Children Play Are
  9. CCTV
  10. Impeccable Room Service
  11. Riverside Ambience
  12. Driver Accommodation (costs extra)
  13. Live Kitchen

 Kolkata Airport to Bongaon Ramnagar road Mor via Jessoer road 60 KM ( 2hr approx).

Bongaon Ramnagar road Mor to Panchpota Bazar via Ramnagar Road 17 KM ( 45 Min approx)

 Panchpota Bazar to Baor Bitan ( 5 Min walking distance)


Sealdah to Gobardanga/Bongaon by local train ( 2 Hours)

Gobardanga/Bongaon to Panchpota Bazar by Auto/Bus ( 30min)

Panchpota Bazar to Baor Bitan ( 5 Min walking distance)


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Cancellation Policy:
10% Cancellation Charge 30 days before your journey date
25% Cancellation Charge 15 days before your journey date
50% Cancellation Charge 7 days before your journey date
75% Cancellation Charge 2 days before your journey date
100% Cancellation Charge 1 day before or on journey date
Rescheduling Policy:
Free Rescheduling 30 days before your journey date
5% Rescheduling Charge 15 days before your journey date
10% Rescheduling Charge 7 days before your journey date
20% Rescheduling Charge 2 days before your journey date
100% Cancellation Charge 1 day before or on journey date