Mandarmani Beach Camp, Lal Kakra Beach Camp is fully operational Now

Lal Kakra Beach at Mandarmani is coming out as a most popular weekend destination for adventure lover and nature lover from Kolkata. Purusottompur is a small village sandwiched between the famous Mandarmani Beach and Pichaboni Estuary. The most unique of this place is the presence of Red crabs in huge amount which makes this beach called as Lal kakra Beach. However we call our camp Red Crab Beach camp because chasing after the red crabs, splashing in the sea and all the fun activities will bring back your childhood to you. So ride into our camp and come join us at Backpacking Monks.

Contact Number for Booking the Tents:

A solution of Backpacking Monks – 9051160870 (To know more details call them)

Tariff: 1250 per head per day including fooding lodging beach campfire and available mineral water. (Standard Food Menu )


10% Discount is going on over Pre-booking for the month of April, May’22 within Feb’ 22

Top 10 reasons you must visit Lal Kakra Beach Camp at Purushottompur

  1. We are the only organization which only try to provide best travelling experience to our visiting guests
  2. We used to have our own in-house camp in-charge to assist you all the time
  3. Electricity is there and all mud hut has full electricity
  4. Running water with 2-4 shared bathrooms for the visiting guests (All western with commode)
  5. We have our own Community cum dinning place to sit and have food together along with adda.
  6. Camp pool is there for taking fresh water bath
  7. Camp is just beside Beach and best view of the sea
  8. We have mud hut within the campus as well for the visiting guests with light, fan, table and charging point(Basic Stay)
  9. Best view of Sea and Beach from sitting location from Gazebo
  10. Alcohol free Zone (Open alcohol consumption within camp area or on beach is strictly prohibited)

How to Lal Kakra Beach:

  • Take any Digha Bound Bus and drop at Chowlkhola
  • Take a toto upto our camp

Roughly taking all the buffer time in between journey it will take around 5.30 Hrs from Kolkata to Lal Kakra Beach.

Facts to remember while going there and Suggestions:

1. Do bring your mobile powerbank and there you will not get any mobile charging facilities
2. Carry mineral water for kid below 8 yrs.
3. Carry mosquito repellent though it’s less mosquito now
4. Only BSNL, Airtel and Vodafone network can be connected and sometimes Idea and BSNL will work.

Camp Video:


There are 8 family tents and 3 persons for each tents. So accommodation of maximum 24 people can be arranged.

There is a big group tents of 6 persons.

We do have also 4 couple Tents with total 4X2 = 8 person accommodation.

For large Number of People prior intimation is required then they will arrange for other people.

(Images of the tents are given below)Food will be provided by the caretaker who take care of those tents. Food quality is good and better not to expect very tasty food like wow quality restaurants in kolkata.

Location of the tents are just beside the sea beach

We are slowly increasing our accommodation so that more and more people can go and we are trying to lower the rush of people as well. So please do co-operate….


Food Menu:

গেস্ট ওয়েলকাম – Welcome Drinks
চা / কফি / লস্যি, Tea/Coffe/Lassi

লাঞ্চ – Lunch
স্টিম রাইস, – Steamed Rice
বাদশাহী আলু ভাজা, Badsahi Alu Bhaja
বেগুন ভাজা, Begun / Brinjal Fry
মিক্সড ডাল, Mixed Dal
পোস্ত বাটা / পোস্ত বড়া / পেঁয়াজ পোস্ত ৷
আলু ফুলকফি/ আলু পটল / আলু মটর/
সুক্ত / মোচা / মটর পনীর / কচুর শাক৷
Alu Post / Posto Boda / Onion Posto/alu gobi/alu potol/alu motor/sukto/mocha/motor paneer/kochusaag
মাছ ( প্রমফ্রেট / কাতলা) । Fiosh(Pomfret / Katla)
ফ্রুট চাটনি, Fruit Chatni
পাপড়৷ Papad

টিফিন –
বেগুনি / ভুজিয়া / আলুর চপ / ভেজ পাকোড়া।
Beguni/Bhujia/alu chop/veg pakoda

ডিনার – Dinner
রুটি +/ ভাত। Steamed Rice / Ruti
প্লেন ডাল, Plain Daal
আলু পোস্ত ভাজা, Alu posto Bhaja
মিক্সড সব্জি, Mixed Dal
চিকেন কারি। Chic ken Curry
চাটনি, Chatni
পাপড়। papad

ব্রেকফাস্ট – Breakfast
কচুরী / লুচি / ব্রেড বাটার।
Kochuri / Luchi/Bred Butter
সব্জি। Sabji
ডিমসেদ্ধ, Boiled Egg
অন ডিমান্ড – (On extra cost)
চিকেন বার্বিকিউ, Chicken BBQ
কঁকড়া কষা,Crab Masala
চিকেন 65, chicken 65
মাটন কষা, mutton kosha
চিংড়ি মাশালা।Prawn Masa

Image Gallery:

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