West Bengal is blessed with cultural diversity along with nature diversity as well. You can get everything you need to reshape your mind, thoughts and recharge your body with fresh oxygen.As bangali we are proudly known globally as the top tourist/traveller. Bengal has almost everything starting from hill, mountain, forest, beach, river, lake to rural villages, art, Jungle, falls, religious places etc. People are now shifting gears towards the taste of outing and nature is changing rapidly. After a hustle bustle life throughout the week people are now finding many locations to spend a couple of nights out of concrete, crowd and pollution.  

By the long generation from past bengalis are now coming out of so called Di-pu-da (Digha Puri Darjeeling) and looking for many offbeat locations surrounding Kolkata and yes there are many which were previously unnoticed but yes extremely beautiful. Opportunities were less but due to some bold actions taken by many young generations and companies destinations are building slowly. Sustainable tourism is building in many ways. Conceptual tourism is increasing and flavour of travel is changed which is a good sign. Most importantly workforce is increasing and job/income opportunity is developing. 

Hope you already get the sense that over what I am going to discuss later to this article. Yes here I am going to discuss over Top Offbeat Weekend Destination Near Kolkata and most importantly all arel within Bengal.

I am mostly targeting those locations which can be reached within max 6-7 hours by various transport from Kolkata and avoiding those which can be reached if you travel by Flights. Locations are based on various parameters and detailing. 


Offbeat Beach Destination from Kolkata:

In this category two major names will come forwards as Mousuni Island and Lal Kakra Beach along with Gplot, Chandpur and Boguran Jalpai.

  • Mousuni Island is now one of the most popular offbeat destination for nature lover. The tranquillity is mesmerizing. Staying within a camp just beside a virgin beach and experience beautiful sunset over Bay of Bengal and in between Sagar Island and Jammu island is memory to cherish throughout your life. A white sandy beach, local villages, mangrove, staying close to beach is the most gain if you give it a go at least once and you would love to visit there again. You can reach within 5 hours from Kolkata.

          For more details check this one Mousuni Island Accommodation details.

  • Lal Kakra Beach is arguably now the most peaceful virgin beach in Bengal. Belted in Digha region and just 5 Kms before Mandarmoni. You can stay within a camp just beside the beach, can give a splash into a natural pool. Enjoy some lovely home made food and can do various types of BBQ from chicken to sea food. A true experiene for amid nature lover and people from all generation can give it a try. A beach with full of red crabs is what to experience at least once in your life. You can reach within 5 hours from Kolkata.

          For more details check this one Lal Kakra Beach Camp details.

  • Gplot is slowly becoming one of the hotspot for nature lover in coming days. Gobardhanpur beach is truly a worth to visit one day. Bit tough now a days to reach over there with so many break journey but travel is no doubt a story and it’s not a barrier for backpackers and traveller. You can watch daily life of fisherman, can listen to their stories and a fresh pollution free rural village to step in. You can reach within 7 hours from Kolkata.

          For more details check this one Gplot Accommodation details.


         You can also give it a try to Chandpur, Bankiput and Boguran Jalpai to experience some lonely place you can spend some quite time with your loved one of your pal.


Offbeat Jungle Destination from Kolkata:

Samsernagar : This is a must to go place if you really want to experience Sundarban in true sense and mostly the offbeat side of it which is beautiful in all aspects. This part of Sundarban is widely known for it’s wilderness. Samsernagar is a place where at past regular entrance of Royal Bengal was a common matter but now it’s not the haenings. The full village is now protected and a lovely homestay also being there to welcome travellers. A true homestay is there in your hospitality just beside a small canal of Dense forest and close to Kalindi River, other side of it is Bangladesh. You can watch local villagers catching mud crabs which is extremely demanding food for outside country and you can taste that also while staying there. Offbeat sundarban safari can be arranged also by launch.  You can reach within 6 hours from Kolkata.

For more details check this one Samsernagar Homestay Accommodation details.

Offbeat River Destination from Kolkata:

Sardarpara: Sardarpara is a lesser known rural village and it’s the last tribal village before Bangladesh border located just beside Famous Raimongol river. You can stay within a beautiful homestay close to river, and have some mouth watering rural dishes of Sundarban. Can have fresh fish from ond and pure organic vegetables at your serve. Stay in a ethnic mud hut and feel the warmth of mother nature at it’s best. Simple yet beautiful. Small but classy. You can reach within 4 hours from Kolkata.

For more details check this one Sardarpara Homestay Accommodation details.


Offbeat Royal Destination from Kolkata:

Amadpur Jomidar Bari: It’s always being pleasure to spend a night within a heritage building. It’s worth to experience such living into a 400 years old jamindar Bari. It’s royalty to feel the ethnicity of the old flavour. It’s not a luxury stay like other so called rajbari or jamidar bari but it’s all about feelings and the smell to root of your true past. Amadpur will surely make you mad to give it a chance at least. It’s good to use the age old furniture, it’s beautiful when you open your windows to see the huge dighi at the southern part of it. It’s good to walk through hundreds of mango trees, it’s a joy to catch your own fish and then have it. You can roam around local tribal villages and see the age old terracotta temples within jamindari Estate. Durga puja, Kali puja, Rash, Dol utsav, Rath Yatra these are the occasion not to miss and rest of the times at your choice and it’s always worth to visit there during winter and monsoon. You can reach within 3-4 hours from Kolkata.

For more details check this one Amadpur Jomidar Bari Accommodation details.


Offbeat Rural Destination from Kolkata:

  • Bandh Nabagram: Here you just close your eyes and feel the peace prevails all around. Only here one can wake-up in the morning by the sweet whistle of birds, experience the smell of the earth and the lush green surroundings.

It will be a lifetime experience to interact with the tribal people. Local “Santhal” village people are very friendly. They love to talk with people and share their age old belief and thought with others. Guests can experience the Bullock carts and age old primitive way of farming. In a nutshell, for those who are fond of village life or interested to experience the way of rural living, MADOL can be a ultimate destination with a package of raw nature surrounding by ethnic village life. Stay within ethnic mud hut with all latest facilities and feel the breeze of village and inhale the fresh oxygen to re energize yourself. You can reach within 3-4 hours from Kolkata.

For more details check this one Bandh Nabagram Ecostay details.


  • Rohini: Rohini is just a rare kind of homestay close to Jhargram. From the scenery point of view it may not that  great from it’s good to spend couple of night within the homestay. You can ride the bullock cart, can catch fresh fish from the pond and roam around the organic vegetable garden and check the jhargram from the tall watch tower beside the homestay. You can have some luxury stay and most importantly experience tribal hospitality at it’s best and the food arrangement is just superb. You need to reach kharagpur first then take bus or auto to Rohini. You can avail reserve car also by calling to homestay in advance..You can reach within 3-4 hours from Kolkata. 

For more details check this one Rohini Homestay details.


Offbeat Lake-side Destination from Kolkata:

  • Doladanga : Doladanga is a small village situated in a rural regions of Purulia district in West Bengal. This tiny hamlet with only 9-10 houses is situated in the serene green forest just opposite the famous Mukutmanipur Dam which is just 10 KM away from it.

With a population of only 40 people known as the MudiKora Tribe, the village of Doladanga is rich in it’s tribal culture. The main livelihood of the people is farming and fishing. The Sonajhuri Forest surrounding the small hamlet, the beautiful Kansabati lake and the simplicity of a tribal life makes this place a peaceful refuge where your heart will want to come back again and again.

Apart from the serenity of nature, this camp has much more to offer. From boat rides in the lakes to Baul Song, tribal dance and jungle walks at midnight, watching sunset from boating, Doladanga is ready to fulfil your heart with full of memories and experience something new. You can reach within 5-7 hours from Kolkata.

Get full details of Doladanga Lake Camp


Offbeat Hill Destination from Kolkata:

  • Mathaburu:  Mathaburu is one of the peaks of Ayodha hills in Purulia district of West Bengal. Mathaburu has always been a major attraction for adventure lovers, trekkers and local devotes for its serene natural beauty, challenging landscape and mythological history. At the start of summer the red hot ‘Polash’ flower covers the valley makes it a serene to watch for. Because it is an elephant corridor and a reserve forest the area is thronged by wildlife and birds making it a nature lover’s paradise. Due to its mythological significance a number of festivals are celebrated here like the Tusu festival and the Makar-sankranti festival during winter. The rich cultural heritage of the tribal people is an experience in itself. Also this part of Purulia is the birthplace of the famous masked martial danced performance called “Chaunach”.  You can reach within 5-7 hours from Kolkata.


For more details check Mathaburu Accommodation details and local sightings

  • Dhangikusum: Dhangikusuk is a small hamlet close to Belpahari and rich in natural beauty, resources and hill, falls, rural village. A total complete package for few hours to get lost into the midst of the nature. There is no such accommodation but you can stay near belpahari and go for such location nearby. Just 6 hours from Kolkata and 30 minutes bike ride from Belpahari. Mostly bachelors and nature lover can visit there. The main advantage of visiting this village is to get wonderful stone art created by local villagers. You can have that too. Dungri falls is the most attractive location here which you need to visit by trek. Trust me this location is worth to visit and feel the silence after evening.  It’s just 75 minutes journey from Jhargram.

Get all the Accommodation details Near Dhangikusum.

Offbeat Historical Destination from Kolkata:

  • Singhi: Singhi is popularly known as birth place of Kashiram Das, writer of Kashidasi Mahabharat. If you really want a place where you can relax as well as enjoy the reunion with friends and family into the midst of the mother nature overlooking lash green paddy field, then Singhi seemed to fit perfectly to your choice. There is only one homestay to relax and the hospitality of them is awesome. For more details of the locations and the homestay you can get details from Singhi Homestay. You can reach to the location by max 4 hours

Get all the Accommodation details Near Singhi.

Offbeat Art Village Destination from Kolkata:

  • Pingla: Naya is a small village in the Pingla block of West Medinipur that has a large concentration of Patachitra painters. This village has been transformed into a craft and cultural hub with the support of government agencies and UNESCO. Here, the Patachitra painters paint stories in a series of frames on long scrolls of cloth with natural colors. This tour allows you to delve into the life of the practitioners of this traditional art form. Take the village tour to see the beautifully painted walls and participate in workshops to learn how to make natural colors and paints. Visit the Folk Art Centre to know the different kind of scrolls, their stories as well as the wide range of products. The art of Patachitra painting has been a movement in the lives of the artists who crafted a socio-economic change in their villages by making the form as a tool for empowerment. Awareness about the need of education has increased and the artists have a good quality of life. Just make a visit once at least to support those artist and livings of our old true artistic past and let them to continue the way. You can reach to the location by max 4 – 5 hours

Get all the Accommodation details Near Pingla.

Offbeat Haunted Destination from Kolkata:

Mangalgunj: Located 100 kms from Kolkata it is a small village nestled among green and serenity. The chirping birds, the gentle breeze of the forest and the soothing sound of the Ichamoti will make you feel connected to nature. Also it is famous for the old, now derelict Rajbari known as ‘Kata Saheber Kuthi’. Originally built by Maharaja Mangalchandra the ‘kuthi’ have many chapters in it’s history. Take a walk or a boat ride in the Ichamoti river. Opposite side of the stay is Bibhutibhusan Wildlife Sanctuary, which is popularlyknown as Parmadan Forest. This Forest is rich in bio-diversity. Experience the magical beauty of millions of fireflies glittering like star dust all around during the migration season. Mangalgunj is known as the biggest Fireflies migratory zone within Bengal. Visit the main attraction, the haunted “Kata Saheber Kuthi” at night to experience some bone chilling thrill.

You can reach to the location by max 3 – 4 hours

Get more details over the accommodation at Mangalgunj.

Offbeat Musical Destination from Kolkata:

Mundira: Mundira is located just beside Ajoy River where peace , serenity and joy prevail naturally and the soul discovers its freedom in silence under the vast blue sky from dawn to dusk and under twinkling starry nights. The ever flowing breeze from river Ajay cools the noisy life within the body and naturally rejuvenates the body and mind. So being with the inner self becomes a fact releasing oneself from the stranglehold of the flickering mind that hardly follows the stillness within due to habits those maintain the distance from it.The combined natural availability of river, green jungle, chirping birds,low grade sounds of crickets even in the daytime, finding oneself in the lap of infinite vast blue sky compel one to surrender immediately into the state of calmness and peace within and all around. You can reach to the location by max 5 hours from Kolkata

Get more details over the accommodation at Mundira.

Offbeat Forest Destination from Kolkata:

Nakat: Nakat is a small tribal forest village near Jhargram. It will definitely mesmerise you with it’s silence, beauty and the local hospitality at a jungle cottage. You can go for outing for Jhargram, Belpahari, Lodhasuli, Dulung River and Dhangikusum and surrounding. Couple of nights stay will definitely make some marks in your hearts and poke you to come back again. You can reach to the location within 4 hours.

Get more details over the accommodation at Jhargram.

Shiulibona: Shiulibona is a small tribal hamlet on the north east side of Susunia hill. For the long years it’s been hidden within the jungle and now that small part of that jungle is being open through tourism and being opened very securely keeping all the pollution in mind. This beautiful village has many jungle trekking route to some historical places and also some hidden gems of Rarh Bengal. Couple of nights stay into the midst of the jungle, far away from noise and pollution will surely exhilarate your inner power towards long life. You can reach to this location within 5 hours form kolkata and around 2105-215 Kms from Kolkata. I

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