Mozauley River Retreat

Mozauley, a perfect destination for Bird-watcher, Travel enthusiasts, Adventure Lover and for those who would like to get lost into the midst of the nature and Jungle for couple of nights at a unknown Mountain Location.
Mozauley River Retreat is a perfect blend of Spirituality, Adventure and Natural beauty.
Spending some quite nights beside the dancing flow of Hilly River, Trekking through the surrounding hilly jungle and exploring some beautiful hidden waterfalls will become a lifelong memories for sure.
It’s always being a dream to stay within a wooden small size village cottage, into the midst of a hilly jungle and beside a running river. Yes Mozauley will definitely fulfill your dream.
So Backpackers get ready, why wait, explore this hidden gem.
From the Location, stay types and experience point of view it hardly has any substitute in Sikkim. It becomes more attractive when such beautiful properties become affordable for everybody and we have brought the best offer price for all of our guests, followers for such lovely things.

Contact: Backpacking Monks – 9051160870

Cost :

2 Heads – 1200/head
3 / 4 Heads – 1000/head
Log Hut (2 To 4 Pax) – 1200/head

Tent: 1000/head

Above mentioned Cost is including Fooding, Lodging

Child (0-3 Yrs) is complementary

Child (4-8 Yrs) is 500/head

Porter Charge Rs.100

Camp Fire with Chicken BBQ 1000/KG (Depends on Availability), After that 500/Kg

Food Menu:

Lunch (Egg Curry with 2 Eggs , Local Vegetable Curry, Dal, Fried Potato/Papad)

Evening Snacks: Cardamom Tea, Pakoda / Chowmin / Maggi

Dinner: Roti/Rice, Chicken Curry/Fish Curry, Local Veg Curry

Breakfast: Roti/Luchi/Boiled Vegetables, Boiled Eggs/Maggi


How to Reach:

This Location is just 4 kms away from Rishikhola. From NJP Car will take 3500-4000 .



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