About Me

By Profession I am an expert Internet Marketing Consultant having over 10 years of experience and promote newly found offbeat place in and around Kolkata helping people for a relaxing weekend Gateaway. I am trying to provide a different taste of tourism keeping the nature at it’s best and helping rural people to get accustomed with the tourism in remote location.

I am widely known for my Forensic SEO and website Audit work and provide services globally and helps plenty of SME’s globally with right analysis and giving them the most suitable plan of action for their business. I can help companies with my expertise in Business Analysis, finding it’s potentiality, it’s competitor analysis, preparing it’s online business strategy, Auditing their present online situation, Auditing their website structure from the SEO point of view and more over an in-depth health analysis of any online presence of any business at any circumstances. Couple of years back I have started my dream company with a mission to serve more and more people with end to end solution after providing them the Audit report.

“Delivering Your Thoughts”, I have started my dream company with this motto to accelerate people’s thought and shape it into reality. I further have gone beyond the realms and challenged limitations of all kinds by helping them to brand their thoughts. MindSpectrum Technology comes up with the solution to find the pain of a person & help them to be established through web presence and by defining its true presence by establishing this dream.

Started career way back in 2006 in web technology as a web designer & then slowly enthused from one stage to another. This is how my journey began from a simple web designer, followed by a web developer and then SEO and marketing professional to consultant and Internet Marketing specialist to wearing a new hat, that of the Managing Director of a small company. By the means of this company I have tried to persuade faith of people by creating their dream projects with quality & expertise.

Our dexterity ranges from website design and development to Branding through Internet Marketing. We provides all possible services to create a brand name for an individual, startup or even an existing business.

At the moment my key responsibility is to drive the company towards a successful venture and establish it as reputed software and web development company that lays emphasis on the success of its clients. All we need are words of appreciation from them in return.

I specialize in creating opportunities for expansion, good at selecting right resources and specialist in client handling and understanding their requirements completely. I can guide my team in the best possible ways, quick learner & have the ability to adapt with the dynamic world in terms of technology and needs in the market. I have the capability to act as a motivational leader with my passion of work, responsibility, dedication to my company and friendly nature . I prefer keeping an ambient working atmosphere around me and allow my co-workers to grow along with the company.


I live in Kolkata with my wife Trisha and my loving son Drishtidip, and also travel extensively around various cities in India as both of us like travelling. We have come up with more adventour tour for people with tent and camp facilities within West Bengal and soon will start things outside West Bengal. I am bit food lover and expert in cooking as well and Sunday is my time to serve my family and spending some quality time with my growing son. If you would like to know more about what I do – or what I can do for you and your business – please don’t hesitate to get in touch.