Sandakphu Trek – Conquering Bengal’s Highest Peak in Unconventional Experimental Way

If you have always been a travel enthusiast and have always wanted to foray into the fascinating world of trekking, here is an amazing opportunity to begin your journey. We take you on a route that goes off the beaten track while providing you with an experience like never before.


The Sandakphu trek is one of the best routes in Eastern India and it is famous for having some of the most beautiful scenic features and plenty of adventurous activities. This is also being suggested for Beginner Trekker to start with this and practice it at their best. It’s simple and breathtaking. The usual route covers Manebhanjan, Chitrey, Gairibas, Phalut, Sandakphu and Gorkhey. We plan something different and cover a route that has not yet been explored by regular trekkers but rich in natural beauty. Everywhere we have created alternate of the popular places so that we can provide experience to that particular places and out of mass traveler. The total route has been explained below with full details.

Things to Carry:

  • Small Backpack
  • Dry Sack
  • Towel
  • Reusable Water Bottle
  • Hat, Sunglass, Sunscreen and raincoat
  • Medicines
  • Other essentials like tents and sleeping bags will be provided


Day 1: Stay at Gurdum base camp

Day 2: Trek to Tonglu via Lameydura and Meghma, Overnight stay at Tonglu

Day 3: Trek to Kalipokhri via Gairibas. Stay at kalipokhri

Day 4: Trek to Aahl via sandakphu. Overnight Stay at Aahl

Day 5: Trek to Sabargram, Stay at Sabargram

Day 6: Trek to Gorkhey via Phalut. Stay at Gorkhey

Day 7: Morning Trek to Bhoreng and departure after Heavy Breakfast towards NJP

Total Trekking Distance near about 70 Kms

Total Sandakphu Trekking Cost / Per head:

1 Person: INR 14000/-

2 Person: INR 12500/-

3 Person: INR 11000/-

4 Person: INR 10500/-

5 Person: INR 10000/-

6 Person: INR 9500/-

7 Person: INR 9250/-

8 Person: INR 9000/-

Same Cost above 8 person

Pick-up Location: Gurdum Backpackers camp

Drop-in Location: Bhoreng


Fooding, Lodging, Trekking Guide which will be one of team member


Your personal Cost, Singalila Forest Entry, camera charge if somebody wants to enter some reserve area


If you want to hire a dedicated Guide, this will cost you 900-1000 INR per day.

If you need a Porter which will cost also around 1000 INR per day per porter.

If you want to stay 1 day more at Gurdum to experience the small Into the wild Trek and adventurous River crossing activities it will cost you another 2000/- roughly including 900 for tent stay and 500/- for each trek

You will get Campfire at Gurdum and Gorkhey with no added extra cost.

Fooding & Lodging:

The entire journey will indulge you in the old school charm of tents, giving you the ideal experience of trekking.

Find true Himalayan cuisine pampering your tastebuds with our healthy and delicious meal plan included in the package.

You will be provided Non-Veg during the entire trip twice or thrice and rest of the time you have to depend on Veg Food.

Innovative and Creative:

Our Main focus through any trek or journey is to provide experience so that somebody becomes rich in knowledge and cherish that moment throughout his life.

At Gurdum you can stay at Camper van. This is a unique concept of stay where 2 people can stay within a car. People can stay within a tent which is set-up over a Bamboo structure which is being built up on the slope of Mountain.

Rest of the places you will be provided tents and you can also opt for Homestays at the staying places. Staying at tents and watching star gazing is a lifetime experience.

The entire journey will not only quench your thirst of true trekking but you will also be exposed to new activities each step of the way. Be it the customized jungle trek or a trek to the Saejikhola river, Our “Into the Wild” themed camp will definitely provide you with an experience like never before.

Feed your sense of adventure with our complimentary river-crossing feat at Gorkhey and light up your night with a campfire. Find the true essence of living in the mountains with an unique take on trekking.

How to reach Gurdum?

  1. Reach NJP via road or rail. From NJP take a share auto to Darjeeling more. From there you will get share cabs for Rimbik. These cabs will directly drop you at Gurdum but they come less frequently.
  1. After Reaching NJP reach Darjeeling more take a share cab to Manebhanjan and from Manebhanjan another  share cab to Gurdum.
  1. If you are coming via Darjeeling take a share cab to Sukhiapokhri. From there same way reach Manebhanjan and then Gurdum. Also we can reserve a vehicle from Siliguri to reach Gurdum.


What is the minimum cost for Gurdum?

Gurdum is a very light budget travel. The expenses for Gurdum per head are somewhat like this-

Travel to and fro from NJP: Rs.800-900/- (Share car) while trekking the cost will be around INR 1100-1200/- (Share car)

Rs. 5000-6000/- (Reserve Car to Gurdum from NP)

Rs. 6000-6500/- (Reserve Car to NJP from Bhoreng)

Stay at Campervan (for the whole stay): Rs.1200/-

Stay at tent (for the whole stay): Rs.900/-

Cost for into the wild trek for Kanchenjunga View: Rs.500/-

Cost for river trek: Rs.500/-

Contact Number for Booking this adventurous Trek:

7980514477  (To know more details call them)

NB: We also encourage single Solo trekker to go with us

Small Trekking Package Cost or Trekking Gateway:

All the Cost based on 8 Heads Team.

3N & 4D: (2 Day at Gurdum with couple of trekking and activities and 1 day Tonglu)


4250 INR(Tent Stay at both Locations)

4850 INR (Camper Van Stay at Gurdum and Homestay at Tonglu)

4N & 5D: (2 Day at Gurdum with couple of trekking and activities + 1 day Tonglu + 1 Day Kalpokhri)


5250 INR(Tent Stay at all Locations)

5750 INR (Camper Van Stay at Gurdum and Homestay at Tonglu and kalpokhri)

5N & 6D: (2 Day at Gurdum with couple of trekking and activities + 1 day Tonglu + 1 Day Kalpokhri + 1 Day Aahl)


6200 INR(Tent Stay at all Locations)

6650 INR (Camper Van Stay at Gurdum and Homestay at Tonglu and kalpokhri, Tent at Aahl)