Container Homestay Near Kolkata, Weekend Destination at Birbhum

We have by far experienced many types of stay from normal nature camps to luxury hotels, Resort. But there are set of people who are really look for some innovative stay. From that point of view this newly built container homestay will definitely give you a goosebump to at least experience this unique concept once. 

There are 15 million “out-of-service” shipping containers in the world and we only used 04 of them to build Eastern India’s first Container Resort / Homestay. Built from steel shipping containers that you often see loaded on trucks, trains and ships ferrying goods, these re-cycled containers have been completely reconditioned with suitable insulation and all modern facilities to make the coziest and most comfortable rooms you would find anywhere. Decked up with all modern amenities like Air Conditioners, Geysers, Televisions, Couches, Comfy beds, Wardrobes and whole lot of in-room surprises, our rooms are simple adorable.

Contact Details for Booking:

bhagabatipur container farmstay contact and booking number: 99051160870

How Are The Rooms?

All 4 container rooms are similar. Decked up with all modern amenities our rooms are simple adorable.

Facilities within Room:

Private Bathroom with Geyser
One King Bed
Bed-Couch & Bean bag
Tea maker
AC room


  • 3 guests in one room (AC): Rs.1395 per head per day
  • 2 guests in one room (AC): Rs.1650 per head per day
  • 1 guest in one room (AC): Rs.2950 per head per day
  • Child (below 3 years) : Free
  • Child (4 years to 9 years) : Rs.450 per head per day
  • Child (above 9 years) : Same as adults

The details of food in the package that we provide are as follows:

Lunch: Rice, dal, bhaji, sabji, fish (1 pcs) or egg (2 pcs), chutney, papad
Evening: Veg pakora/ Chop, tea
Dinner: Rice/Roti, dal, sabji, chicken curry (4 pcs), salad/sweet.
Breakfast: Luchi, sabji, sweet, tea

Why this farmstay is unique:

Apart from the countless trees of berries, wood apples and date palms inhabiting the resort area, we also have few manicured lawns, flower beds, childrens’ rides like swings and see-saws and an open-air podium for staging cultural programs. Our gardens bloom with flowers in every season and our trees are home to numerous birds and butterflies.

When its hot and humid in Birbhum, then there is nothing better than to take a dip in our splash pool and when its cold in Birbhum then the best thing to do is to bask in the sun by the pool.


Shakti Peeth Darshan (Main USP)

While staying here for a couple of days, you can take a pilgrimage tour to 05 Shakti Peethas located within 50 kms. of Bhagabatipur. There is no place in India, which can offer you this convienience. The 05 Shakti Peethas near to Bhagabatipur are Bakreshwar (Portion between the Eyebrows), Kankalitala (Pelvis), Nandikishori (Necklace), Nalateshwari (Throat) and Fullora (Lips). We have transport arrangements for visiting all these holy piligrimages from our resort.


Campus  Amenities & Facilities:

Splash Swimming Pool
Free Parking
Security Cameras
Satellite TV
Bathroom with Geyser
Children Park
Dining Hall with In-House Kitchen,
Fishing facilities (catch and release chargeable activity)
Kitchen Garden and farm with duck house,
Transport arrangement for local sightseeing and pick-up / drop.(Extra Charge)

Checkin & Checkout

12 noon today till 11am tomorrow

House Rules

Our rooms are non smoking. Please keep your shoes in cabinets kept outside very container room. Food is only served in the dining hall. AC & Geysers will not run during power cut.


COVID Rules:

  • All arriving guests will have to wear face mask.
  • Guest will be checked for their body temperature by us during arrival. Temperature below 98.6 deg F will be allowed entry. Guests with body temperature above the mentioned limit will not be allowed entry and refunds will not be allowed. Any guest showing signs of body temperature or any symptoms during the period of stay has to leave our property immediately. No refunds will be allowed in such cases.
  • Guest Luggage may be sanitized by us during arrival.
  • Right Of Admission Reserved by Bhagabatipur Farmstay.


From Your stay you can take long walks taking to the edges of paddy fields, do some fishing, play badminton, bring out eggs from the duck house, soak the history and religion of Birbhum, do some campfire in the evenings and simply de-stress your weekend. Family addas during the afternoon and evening in the gazebo with a barbeque can be a unique thing to do during your stay here. Essentially, a stay here is a few days of peace in the green.

Major Activities You can experience:

With nearly 70000 sq.ft. of water, this reservoir is teeming with fish like Rohu, Katla, & others. The whole reservoir is fenced & protected. Guests can enjoy angling here to their heart’s content. You can spend the evenings at the Ghat too. We have few fishing rods & reels too for our angling enthusiasts.
We can arrange cultural programs too. If you are fond of Baul, Bhatiali and other folk programs, please do inform us in advance, so that we can arrange for the programs. Some of the best Bauls and folk singers can perform. With prior intimation from guests, we can also arrange Tribal dance.

In the evenings, we can arrange for a Barbeque where you can discuss all the ‘necessary nothings’ of human life with your friends and family and treat yourself to some nice and juicy barbecue chicken under the cover of starry nights. You can simply request a bonfire arrangement with local fire wood.

  => What are the charges of Barbeque?

   We can make arrangements for barbeque. Cost may vary sometimes slightly. Approx charges are mentioned below:

  • Rs.350 (500 grams marinated chicken + barbeque set + wood + assistance)
  • Rs.550 (1 kg marinated chicken + barbeque set + wood + assistance).


While staying at Bhagabatipur, you can just drop into any of the surrounding villages and take long walks through endless stretches of paddy fields and fishing ponds dotted with thatched mud houses and dilapidated temples. We can arrange a bicycle for you to take a ride along the bumpy muddy village roads. You can also take the local village boy to accompany you to the village walks.
We farm all sorts of seasonal vegetables in our garden and have a duck house too. This helps us to serve our guests with freshly-picked vegetables and eggs. Often our guests also pick up the vegetables themselves to prepare a fresh salad.
If bird watching is your hobby, then the early mornings of Bhagabatipur can yield some nice surprises for you. Bhagabatipur and its surrounding villages have a very good population of local and migratory birds. Wagtails, Parakits, Barn Owls and a whole lot of bee catchers and local species are found in abundance here due to the lush greenery all around. Due to an abundance of water bodies in the vicinity and farmlands, Bhagabatipur is particularly home to different species of kingfishers and storks.


Nearby Attractions

Once you will visit here you will be surrounded with numerous nearby sight-seeings. There is something for everyone – History and Heritage lovers, Forests and Adventure lovers, Religious minded pilgrims.

Hansuli Baank – 14 kms
Kopai River – 10 kms
Mayurakshi Tilpara – 22 kms
Hetampur – 40 kms
Santiniketan – 18 kms
Labpur – 12 kms
Sonajhuri Jungle & Khoai – 18 kms
Ballavpur Sanctuary – 20 kms
Gonpur Forest – 36 kms
Amkhoi Fossil Park – 38 kms
Tarapith – 40 kms
Nandikeshari – 14 kms
Birchandrapur – 40 kms
Nalateshwari – 55 kms
Bakreswar – 40 kms
Nanoor – 29 kms
Fullora – 09 kms
Kankalitala – 19 kms
Suri Church – 21 kms


How to reach Bhagabatipur?

By Train – There are local as well as passenger trains to Bolpur Station from Howrah and Sealdah Stations. You can check for train timings. The nearest railhead is Ahmadpur (Station code: AMP). From Bolpur, you have to hire auto-rickshaw or car to reach Bhagabatipur. From Ahmadpur Railway Station you can walk to our place.

By Road (from Kolkata) – Reach Dankuni – take Durgapur expressway reach Bardhawan – take road towards Shantiniketan – Cross Bolpur, move towards Prantik Rly Station – Move towards Admadpur Chowrasta more – Take right on State Highway 6 – Drive for around 200 meters and take left from Ahmadpur Police outpost – Reach Bhagabatipur Container Rooms.


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