Aruni Spiritual Ashram Mundira, Village Homestay near Bolpur

Aruni is the land at Mundira just beside Ajoy River where peace , serenity and joy prevail naturally and the soul discovers its freedom in silence under the vast blue sky from dawn to dusk and under twinkling starry nights. The ever flowing breeze from river Ajay cools the noisy life within the body and naturally rejuvenates the body and mind. So being with the inner self becomes a fact releasing oneself from the stranglehold of the flickering mind that hardly follows the stillness within due to habits those maintain the distance from it.The combined natural availability of river, green jungle, chirping birds,low grade sounds of crickets even in the daytime, finding oneself in the lap of infinite vast blue sky compel one to surrender immediately into the state of calmness and peace within and all around.Aruni is one such land where words and thoughts become irrelevant and conscious silence is the joyful company.

Joydeb Temple,Annapurna Temple,Shantiniketan are the most popular location rom Aruni.

The beautifully maintained greens, the rustic atmosphere and the warm hospitality of the staff will definitely make your journey memorable.

Aruni Spiritual Ashram is located at Joydeb Kenduli Birbhum 32 Km away from Bolpur or Durgapur station.It is situated by the side of river ajay and surrounded by forest and jungles all around.The Ashram presently has three rooms made of mud , chattai, log woods ,thatch and other natural items available locally or collected from distance and covers 18 bighas and on further extension.

The Ashram offers an unique experience of a natural village life, where the tourists and travellers love to stay in the earthen huts, and has its own meditation centre where the visitors can enjoy a free general meditation session or can practice based on their own regime. A tourist can also enjoy the spirituality oriented music at different hours and best in the evening times to enjoy an ambience like never before. Apart from this the Ashram also offers certain activities which allures the visitors, like Riverside trekking with the help of a local guide, the river bath and the Mud bath, which has become quite popular and famous among the tourists visiting the Ashram.


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Stay Accommodation

1. There are two Mud cottages each one for 4 heads accommodation

2. There are one Double bedded Mud Cottage

3. There are one big Room with Beautiful duplex Bunker and 6 to 9 Heads can stay within that Cottage. Suitable for friends group.

4. Small Tent accommodation options are also there for bikers who want to stay close to nature and bit adventurous way.

All Cottages are with attached bathroom and water cooler. A beautiful architecture is there inside the rooms.

Wishing a very happy spiritual living to all .

Cost: 1750 per head per day including Fooding lodging at Cottage and 1200 per head per day including Fooding lodging at Tent


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